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To be seen, to be heard,
to be enough

to be seen

to be heard

to be enough

  • with what is close to your heart or weighing you down

  • with issues important or difficult

  • with all aspects of your being

  • with your needs, fears and limits

  • with your ideas, thoughts and feelings

  • without judgment, evaluation or correction

  • Come as you are, that's enough.

  • All resources for development and healing are within you.

  • I am happy to accompany you on your journey, kind and validating.

You have a center, a core being that is blessed.

Stephen Gilligan

On this journey together

Everyone has an indestructible core. This inner source of energy allows us to experience compassion and connectedness, confidence and courage, calm and clarity, as well as curiosity and creativity.

Sometimes access to this power seems to be blocked. We experience worries, pain and emotional and mental stress or we cannot free ourselves from habits and fixed behavioral patterns.

I will accompany you to experience this healing inner source again and to tap into it. Together we will work on finding out what's blocking, understand its protective function and heal the underlying wounds.

Through this approach you strengthen the connection to your indestructible center; your Self. Courage, clarity and joy begin to have more space in your life again.

What my clients say:

Thanks to the IFS sessions with Ulrike, I was able to get access to my inner core within a very short time and to connect with myself in a way that I hadn't been able to despite many years of psychotherapy. Ulrike's calm and appreciative manner make it easy to feel comfortable and secure in the context of the sessions and to open up to soul work.

Jeannine, teacher

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