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The path of life is seldom a straight line

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Mine was no exception. Early on I was aware of my passion for the inner worlds of people, the drive to help others with my support and the belief that everyone has everything they need to heal within them.

I followed this inner yearning on a crooked path due to different influences internal and external.


  • University 4 semesters (human medicine)

  • Physiotherapy school

  • Partner, mother of three

  • Translator and subeditor at a publisher for medical literature

  • German certificate as a naturopath

  • School for craniosacral therapy

  • Training as a teacher and therapist of Eutony Gerda Alexander 

  • Seminars in Göthert Methode (sublte energies and subtle bodies)

  • Embodied Yoga Principles

But I hadn't arrived yet, I was pulled further in the direction of the inner-psychological connections, and I found IFS through a friend.

  • Certified IFS-Therapist (IFS Institute Munich)

  • IFS-online circle (Pam Krause, Toni Herbine-Blank, Richard Schwartz)

  • IFS continuity program (IFS-Institute USA)

  • IFS advanced seminars: "Stance of the therapist", "IFS with couples", "IFS and Trauma", "IFS and body", "IFS special techniques"

  • Program assistant for the IFS Institute Munich


Now: I feel that I have arrived. I really enjoy working with and continuously learning about IFS and I am deeply grateful that I am allowed to immerse myself in the richness of the inner worlds of so many people. It is such a gift to be a witness to change and healing, and I humbly bow to the incredible power of our protective and wounded parts and, last but not least, to the loving radiance of the inner life force that brings us healing and connects us within, with others and with the divine.

My love has grown liquid, and it gets into the most improbable spaces.

Katja Oskamp

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