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Are my offers suitable for you?

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life:

  • People who want to be more connected to themselves, who long for self care, calm, patience or joy;

  • People who want to change old behavioral patterns that no longer serve them in life;

  • People who are curious about what's going on inside them and who want to develop further.

  • People who want to feel more at home in their body.


The basis of my work is the approach of IFS , in addition I let my experiences from body work ( Eutony Gerda Alexander ) and the tools for more embodiment ( Embodied Yoga Principles ) flow into it.

I offer sessions both in my office in Stein AG (Switzerland) and online.


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IFS therapy / coaching

Basics of IFS (internal family systems)

  • We all have different personality parts.

  • Wounds in our system force the parts into certain roles.

  • We have an indestructible source of inner energy (the Self) that enables healing and leads to connectedness and harmony among the parts and connects us with the source beyond.

  • All parts have a good intention, even if in the beginning it is impossible or difficult to see.


Eutony Gerda Alexander

Eutony GA is a holistic method of body awareness and movement training, that balances the basic tensions of the body (tone). This way, a beneficial tension (eutony) arises over time, which enhances the feelings of unity, grounding and centeredness. The practitioner is enabled to flexibly and coherently shape their movements and actions according to the needs of the moment.

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Eutonie kurz
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Embodiment means experiencing ourselves as a body in the world (posture, expression, etc.). By training body awareness in varying situations we can explore alternative movement patterns. When we are aware of what we are expressing with our postures, we can choose how we want to be in the world and change our postures accordingly. In my work I use both Eutony GA (see above) and the toolbox of Embodied Yoga Principles. The latter is a mindful awareness training in various postures that are inspired by yoga, martial arts, dance and coaching.

Embodiment allgemein

in person

Working in direct personal contact is very valuable, it has many advantages:

  • more intense personal experience of the other person

  • a fresh environment enables new thinking

  • getting out and about can be helpful

  • personal, whole-body presence with access to all non-verbal messages of the body

  • possibility to use my diverse materials

  • more direct guidance in embodiment interventions

  • wonderful view of the Rhine


It has been shown that very in-depth processes are also possible online and lead to sustainable results; there are also other advantages:

  • You are in your familiar environment.

  • No relocation is necessary.

  • You can attend sessions even if you are traveling or do not live nearby.


 A stable internet connection is important;

In the midst of winter I finally experienced,

within me an indelible, invincible summer.

Albert Camus

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